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Centre for Counseling and Health Services

Being a professional course campus there are many vital skills, both academic and professional that are beyond the classroom. These skills can act as a catalyst to propel one’s academic and professional career forward. Bridging the gap in the existing curriculum and producing holistically developed individuals by optimizing learning and harnessing experience and that is why the Centre for Academic & Professional Support was instituted in Kengeri Campus on July.

Role of CCHS

The Centre aims at helping students to make proper adjustments in academic pursuit and improved quality of life. The counselors motivate and support the students to regularly attend classes and to prepare for the exams systematically. Guidance and Counseling in our University is a professional activity based on certain well-accepted principles.

Objectives of CCHS

  • To provide counseling and health services in an accessible and nurturing environment that recognizes the unique needs of the student community.
  • To accompany students in the various phases of their lives.
  • To support the students in their academic and social pressures


Major Activities

The Counseling Centre with three fulltime Counselors and a Medical Officer interact with and render their support to the students to deal with their academic, social and personal challenges. Every academic block has a designated student counselor assigned to ensure their academic and personal well - being. Students have free access to the dedicated counselors at any time while in the University, to overcome their personal and psychological stress in learning and other related areas. The Centre for Counseling & Health Services (CCHS) functions from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm on weekdays and 9.00 am to 1 pm on Saturdays.


Induction Counseling

During the Induction Counseling, Counselors introduce the newly joined students to the system by briefing about the Assessment Pattern, Dress Code and Discipline, Importance of Attendance, information regarding various academic & nonacademic Centers and activities. This is also an interactive process through which new students and their parents/guardians are oriented to the Campus Culture and academic practices followed at the University.


Personal Counseling

Counseling is offered in an unconditional, non-judgmental and confidential manner to students walking in seeking help with personal & academic difficulties. The counseling process involves both voluntary approach by the students and summoning of the students by the Counselor. Regular student-counsel or interactions enable inclusiveness to the student life at the CHRIST (Deemed to be University). The Counseling Centre facilitates the development of remedial systems for students whose inadequate motivational factors have kept them away from achieving their potential. Students can approach the counselors for solace with any problems.


Academic Counseling

The counseling team collaborates with the academic departments to identify slow learners and less motivated students and to arrange remedial tutorials and peer - learning. After the announcement of the Semester results, the Counselors personally meet all the students who have not performed well in their End Semester Examinations.This is to assess their study habits and areas of difficulty and to help them overcome these issues efficiently. They are also encouraged to practice effective time management and assimilate better study skills. Counselors also regularly monitor their attendance. Abstinence from classes, whichis seen as unhealthy, is attended to promptly by the Counselors and the students are encouraged to participate with more academic rigor

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