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Name Programme Year of Passing
Others PGCTE 2019
PhD PhD 2017
MPhil MPhil 2006
PG MA 2005
Degree BA 2003
Sl.No. Title Name of Periodical Periodicity Date
Sl.No. Title Name of Journal Date of Publication Volume No/Issue No/Page No
Sl.No. Title URL Subject Month Year
Sl.No. Type of Book Title Title of Book ISBN Month Year
Sl.No. Type of Book Title of Chapter/Article ISBN Month Year
Sl.No. Type of Book Title Title of Case Study ISBN Month Year
Sl.No. Title Abstract Objectives Type Sponsors
Sl.No. Title Place of Publication ISBN No. Month Year
Sl.No. Type of Program Role Name of Program Title of Paper Date Organising Institution Level
1 Seminar Participant Strengthening Ethics and Values for Sustainable Growth 17/08/2021 MK University, Madurai National
2 Seminar Participant Nation in Literature 14/08/2021 Fatima Mata National College (Autonomous), Kollam National
3 Seminar Participant Digital Humanities 06/08/2021 Yashwantrao Chavan Mahavidyalaya, Karmala- Solapur National
4 Seminar Participant Visuals in ESL Classroom 24/07/2021 NMCC, Nagercoil National
5 Seminar Participant Myth, Literature and Hermeneutics 17/07/2021 NMCC, Nagercoil National
6 Seminar Participant IPR and Patent enforcement in India 15/07/2021 St Antony's College of Arts and Sciences for Women, Dindigul National
7 Seminar Participant The Critical Difference/ The Differential Criticism 07/07/2021 NMCC, Nagercoil National
8 Seminar Participant Approaching the Research Topic Critically 29/06/2021 VIT, Chennai National
9 Seminar Participant History, Memory and Trauma in Recent Literary Texts. 26/06/2021 MNCC College, Nagercoil National
10 Seminar Participant The Psychological Impact During Pandemic 15/06/2021 GVN College, Kovilpatti & UGC Delhi National
11 Conference Participant Subalternity: Borders and Borderlands 28/05/2021 JP College of Arts and Sciences, Tenkasi International
12 Seminar Participant Enhancing Language Improvement through Error Correction & Feedback 25/05/2021 Vidya Jyothi Institute of Technology, Hyderabad National
13 Seminar Participant Professionalism among Faculty Members in Higher Education 24/05/2021 Soundarya Institute of Management & Science, Bangalore National
14 Seminar Participant Ethics and Values in Image Building 21/05/2021 JKSA College, Dhule- Maharastra National
15 Seminar Participant Women?s Writing and Criticism 15/04/2021 Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded International
16 Seminar Participant Connecting Contents: Exploring Parallel Texts in the Language Classroom 10/04/2021 ELTIF- Kerala National
17 Seminar Participant Academic Writing Style 27/03/2021 ELTIF, Kerala International
18 Conference Participant Mapping the Multicultural Mosaic: Understanding Contemporary Australian Literature in India 11/03/2021 University of Madras, Chennai and Australian Consulate, Chennai International
19 Conference Presenter Emerging Trends in English Literature and ELT Entwined Magic, Family, and Politics in Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children: The Treatment of Magic Realism in Motion 26/02/2021 Fatima Mata National College, Kollam International
20 Conference Presenter New Trends in ICT, Film, Literature and Culture Delineating Education as a Tedium in Chetan Bhagat's Five Points Someone and Its Film Adaptation. 12/02/2021 Bapuraoji Butle Arts, Narayanrao Bhat Commerce and Bapusaheb Patil Science College, Digras National
21 Conference Participant Revised Assessment and Accreditation Framework of NAAC: An Approach (NAAC Sponsored) 16/01/2021 Smt. Sushiladevi Deshmukh Senior College, Latur National
22 Conference Participant Extending Higher Education Learning beyond Classroom: Integrating Life and Employability Skills 24/11/2020 University of Bahrain, Bahrain International
23 Seminar Participant Revised Accreditation Framework of NAAC Quality Enhancement Practices in Higher Education (UGC Sponsored) 21/10/2020 SS Jain Subodh PG (Autonomous) College, Jaipur, Rajasthan National
24 Seminar Participant Strategies to Boost Teaching and Learning 22/06/2020 St Joseph's College, Trichy International
25 Seminar Participant Man and Plague in Literature and Theory: Story, History and Future 20/06/2020 St. Jerome's College, Nagercoil National
26 Seminar Participant Exercises of Outcome Based Education in English Language and Literature 16/06/2020 Jayaraj Annapackiam College for Women, Periyakulam National
27 Seminar Participant Literary Theory Semiotics: The Basics 12/06/2020 G Venkaswamy Naidu College, Kovilpatti International
28 Seminar Participant On Overview of Online Learning Eco Systems 12/06/2020 NMCC College, Nagercoil International
29 Seminar Participant In Memory of Girish Karnad, The Indian Playwright: A Panel Discussion on his Plays 11/06/2020 Dr. M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute, Chennai National
30 Seminar Participant Memory Techniques for Accelerated Learning 08/06/2020 Annammal College of Education for Women, Thoothukudi International
31 Seminar Participant Soft Skills 07/06/2020 Govt Degree College, Ichapuram, Srikakulam National
32 Seminar Participant Exploring Reflective and Online Teaching Techniques in an English Language Classroom 07/06/2020 Govt Degree College, Ravulapalem, East Godavari International
33 Seminar Participant Orientation to MOOC via SWAYAM 06/06/2020 Centre for MOOC-SWAYAM, TNTE University, Chennai. National
34 Seminar Participant From Literary Criticism to Literary Research 03/06/2020 NMCC College, Nagercoil International
35 Seminar Participant Post COVID 19 Pedagogy: Incorporating Digital Resources for an Enhanced Students Engagement and Participation 29/05/2020 Andra Loyola College, Vijayawada National
36 Seminar Participant Status & Reform in Library and Information Education in India 28/05/2020 Dr Bhimarao Ambedkar University, Agra National
37 Seminar Participant Research Methodology 21/05/2020 SVD. Govt Degree College(W), Nidadavole, West Godavari National
38 Seminar Participant Pedagogy of Teaching and Learning amidst COVID-19 Pandemic 17/05/2020 Bappa Sri Narian Vocational Post Graduate, Lucknow National
39 Seminar Moderator/Chair Exploring Ecological and Cultural Consciousness: A Vision of Equitability 27/02/2020 Christ University National
40 Seminar Presenter Literature as cultural artefact: Theoretical approaches to reading texts Exploration of language as a cultural construct: A study on language and culture 21/01/2020 St Xavier's College (Autonomous), Palayamkottai National
41 Seminar Presenter Modernization in English Language, Literature and Culture. Modernization of English language in India: Indianization or Standardization? 21/10/2019 Periyar University (Constituent College) Namakkal. National
42 Seminar Keynote Speaker Modernization in English Language, Literature and Culture. Language, Literature and Culture 21/10/2019 Periyar University, Salem National
43 Seminar Moderator/Chair Culinary Narratives, Representations and Discourses 08/03/2019 Christ University International
44 Conference Presenter Recent Trends in Literature: Culture, Ecology & Feminism Resilience of Women: Breaking the stereotypes 01/03/2019 St Jerome's College, Kanyakumari National
45 Conference Moderator/Chair Translation: Exploring the Nuances and Possibilities of Mediating Intercultural Texts 27/12/2018 SRN Memorial College, Virudhunagar International
46 Conference Presenter Translation: Exploring the Nuances and Possibilities of Mediating Intercultural Texts Translation, language and communication 27/12/2018 SRN Memorial College, Virudhunagar International
47 Seminar Presenter Literary Theoretical Approaches to Films Meaning across translations: A study on literary adaptations 07/12/2018 St Joseph College, Trichy National
48 Conference Presenter Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education in ELT Collaborative learning at tertiary: A perspective on 21st century skills development 26/10/2018 SSN College of Engineering, Chennai International
49 Conference Presenter New Trends in English Language and Literature Language deviation in teachers' writing: An error analysis 06/04/2018 Noorul Islam University, Kanyakumari National
50 Conference Presenter International Conference on Teaching English for Employability English Writing Skills: An Assessment 21/11/2013 Annammal College of Education, Thoothukudi & ELTAI Chennai International
51 Conference Presenter National Conference on Indian Literature on Marginality in English Train to Pakistan: A Historical Reading 18/10/2013 Annai Fathima College of Arts and Science, Thirumangalam National
52 Conference Presenter National Seminar on Literary Confabulation 2013: Language, Literature and Linguistics Teaching English: A Communicative Approach 11/10/2013 Udaya College of Arts and Science, Kanyakumari National
53 Conference Presenter National Conference on A Paradigm shift in English Language Teaching & Testing: A Literary/Linguistic Communication Strategies: The Indian Learner of English 14/03/2013 BS Abdur Rehman University, Chennai National
54 Seminar Presenter National Seminar on Themes and Techniques in the Post-Colonial Indian Writing in English A History Retold: A Reading of "The Shadow Lines" 08/03/2013 Mass College of Arts and Science, Kumbakonam National
55 Conference Presenter International Conference on Outcome Based Teaching and Learning of English Helping the Learner Learn: The Strategies 01/03/2013 Anna University, Chennai International
56 Seminar Participant National Conference on Pedagogic Strategies for Triggering the Learners? English Language Acquisition Device 13/02/2012 St. Xavier's College, Palayamkottai National
57 Conference Presenter International Conference on Tradition and Novelty in Literatures Communicative Competence in Language Teaching 06/01/2011 MK University, Madurai. International
58 Conference Presenter UGC Sponsored State Level Conference on English Language Teaching: Present Trends and Future Directions Learner Strategy and Communicative Competence 25/09/2010 MTN College, Madurai Regional
59 Conference Presenter International Conference on Reforms in Higher Education in Asia Integration of Technology in L2 Learning 03/03/2008 CPA College, Bodinayakanoor International
60 Conference Presenter National Conference on Innovative Approaches and Techniques of Teaching English Problems and Perspectives in using Technology in the Classroom 13/07/2007 PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore National
Sl.No. Title of the Program Name of the Program Date Name of the Institution
1 Listening Skills for Professional Empowerment Training Programmes- Institution's Innovation Council 17/02/2021 Holy Cross College (Autonomous), Nagercoil & IIC- MHRD
2 English Language Skills for Employability: A 21st Century Requirement Lecture Series (Webinar) 07/01/2021 DR NGP Arts and Science College, Coimbatore
3 Symbiotic nature of language and culture: A Perspective. Seminar on Modernization in English Language, Literature and Culture. 21/10/2019 Periyar University (Constituent College) Namakkal
4 Success in Life Praveshnolsavam- 2019 (Govt Of Kerala) 06/06/2019 LEO XIII HSS, TRIVANDRUM
Sl.No. Title Genre Producer Copyrights
1 Panel Discussion on 'Abrogation of article 370'
Sl.No. Title Guide Name Institution Month Year
Sl.No. Title Name of Student Institution Month Year
Sl.No. Title of Invention Inventor(s) Filing Date
Sl.No. Name of the Research Project Investigator(s) Sponsors Internal/External
Sl.No. Name of the Conference/Seminar Name of Organiser Level Date
Sl.No. Name of the Workshop/FDP/Training programme Name of Oraganiser Level Date
1 Research Methodology: A Prelude to Academic Excellence Eldo Mar Baselios College, Ernakulam National 01/09/2021
2 Professional Etiquette Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata National 31/08/2021
3 Curriculum Development, Research and Publication Ethics SRMIST, Chennai International 02/08/2021
4 Academic Research: Multiple Perspectives VIT, Chennai National 30/06/2021
5 Professional and Communicative English Bharathiar University, Coimbatore National 16/06/2021
6 Reflections on Revised Bloom Taxonomy Intellectual Property Rights Law and its application CHRIST University 07/06/2021
7 Industry Institute Interaction - A Holistic Approach Insight Out (SUNSET EDITION) SRM IST Chennai National 01/06/2021
8 Rejuvenation of Literature and Language: From Pandemic to Pan-Academic REVA University, Bangalore National 17/05/2021
9 Translation Studies: Road to Cultural Awareness and Expression (In alignment with NEP 2020) Amity University, Uttar Pradesh National 12/04/2021
10 Contemporary Literary Theory: A Voyage into the Untrodden Realms CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Delhi NCR National 01/03/2021
11 The New Teaching Paradigm Marudhar Kesari Jain College for Women, Vaniyambadi National 04/01/2021
12 Life skills & English Language Learning SRM IST, Chennai National 16/12/2020
13 Literature: The Index of Life SRM IST, Chennai. National 15/12/2020
14 Research Writing and Publication in English Studies CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Delh NCR Institutional 04/12/2020
15 Faculty Development Programme on Research SRM IST (Deemed to be University), Chennai. National 03/12/2020
16 Adaptation Studies: New Approaches VIT (Deemed to be University), Chennai. International 20/11/2020
17 Ecological Second Language Teaching and Learning SRM IST (Deemed to Be University), Chennai International 20/10/2020
18 Critical Theories ? Their Reach and Relevance in Research Presidency College, Chennai International 05/08/2020
19 Qualitative and Quantitative Metrics in NAAC's Self Study Report For Teacher Education Institutions Annammal College of Education for Women, Thoothukudi National 03/07/2020
20 The Deep & Sweeping Vistas of Literature PSG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore International 01/07/2020
21 Designing e-Content for English Language and Literature Arts, Commerce and Science College, Lanja National 29/06/2020
22 Interactive Online Teaching NMCC College, Nagercoil International 23/06/2020
23 Contemporary Critical Trends in Literature Pondicherry University, Pondicherry International 22/06/2020
24 Designing e-Content for English Language and Literature Jewaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi International 11/06/2020
25 Turning Pages: Reconfiguring the Politics of Spaces in 2020 St Teresa's College, Ernakulam National 28/05/2020
26 Role of Google Apps & Blogs Services in Higher Education ALAPAN, WEST BENGAL National 25/05/2020
27 Emerging Trends in Literary Theories S T Hindu College, Nagercoil. National 21/05/2020
28 LaTeX for Research and Document Preparation Christ University, Bengalore Institutional 03/09/2019
29 Establishing Research as Culture & Capacity Building for Consultancy Academic Staff College, Christ University- Bengalore 20/05/2019
30 Theatre skills to empower Teaching/Learning experience Christ University, Bangalore Institutional 23/02/2019
31 Mail Merge in Google Christ University, Bangalore Institutional 07/02/2019
32 National Conference on Extending Post-colonialism: Living in an age of precariousness and precarity Dept of English National 04/02/2019
33 Orientation Programme Academic Staff College, Christ University, Bangalore 14/01/2019
34 Incubation Cell Dept of English 04/01/2019
35 Integration of Rubrics in Google Classroom Christ University, Bangalore Institutional 28/11/2018
36 Training on Google Classroom Christ University, Bangalore Institutional 14/11/2018
37 Effective Teaching Veltech Dr. RR & Dr. SR University, Chennai Regional 04/04/2017
38 Effective Teaching through Active Learning Methods Veltech Dr. RR & Dr. SR University, Chennai Regional 30/12/2016
39 Workshop on Academic Writing in Refereed Journals and Emerging Trends in Research in English Literature, ELT and ESP VIT University, Chennai National 10/03/2016
40 National Workshop on Mobile learning: Communicating, Connecting and Collaborating Loyola College, Chennai National 27/02/2016
41 Emotional Intelligence - one day experiential and transformational programme Hindustan University, Chennai Regional 17/02/2016
42 Soft Skills and Classroom Dynamics Hindustan University, Chennai Regional 07/02/2014
43 National Workshop on Glocal Trends and Issues in English Language Teaching: Challenges and Opportunities National Institute of Technology, Trichy National 24/01/2014
44 Workshop on Recent Trends Research Methodology in ELT, Modern Literature and its Cinematization Dr. MGR Educational and Research Institute University, Chennai National 11/09/2013
45 Orientation Program for Research Scholars National Translation Mission, MHRD, Delhi National 28/02/2011
46 International Workshop on Effective Teaching of English ELTAI-Chennai International 14/12/2010
47 UGC Sponsored Workshop on Conducting Research in English Language and Literature, Gandhigram Rural Institute- Deemed University, Dindigul Regional 10/12/2010
48 UGC sponsored National Interaction Programme for Research Scholars Academic Staff College, PU- Pondicherry 30/09/2010
Sl.No. Name of the Awards/Achievements/Others Description Organisation Month/ Year
1 UGC- Junior Research Fellowship Qualified the UGC- NET/JRF Examination conducted by the University Grants Commission, Govt of India and received the Award of Junior Research Fellowship to pursue Doctoral Degree University Grants Commission, Govt of India 28 December 2008
2 UGC- National Eligibility Test for Assistant Professorship Qualified the essential qualification prescribed by the Govt of India for appointment of Assistant Professor or equivalent positions in Universities/Institutions/Colleges. University Grants Commission, Govt of India 28 December 2008
3 Senior Under Officer Led two units of Senior Division NCC Army Wing Cadets and Qualified 'C' Certificate. Ministry of Defence, Govt of India 08 October 2003
Sl.No. Faculties Theme of Consultancy Type
Sl.No. Applicants Title Date Published


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