Rain Water and Sewage Water Treatment Unit

Rain Water and Sewage Water Treatment Unit

One of the Core Values of CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bangalore is Social Responsibility. The relentless drive towards its vision of ‘Excellence and Service’ not only reflects in its academic achievements, but also in its contribution towards society. Under the Centre for Social Action (CSA), the faculty, staff and students actively involve themselves in various causes, of which Rainwater-harvesting, Water Conservation and Recycling is a major focus.

Due to the gross mismanagement and irresponsible attitude towards water and its water bodies, the city of Bangalore is on the verge of a major water crisis. Sensing the need to conserve this precious resource, CHRIST (Deemed to be University) has started various initiatives.

On all 3 campuses in the city, the University has set up an extensive Rain water harvesting and Sewage water treatment system where water can be recycled and re-used for irrigation, vehicle washing and restroom purposes.  The University has more than 21,000 students, faculty and non-teaching staff who use on average 4 lakh litres of water per day. This used water is collected alongside the harvested rainwater in big tanks. Out of this, through their water conservation and recycling efforts, 3 lakh litres of water is recycled and re-used for irrigation and flushing in restrooms within the campuses itself. This model of recycling and re-using waste water after treatment can be easily replicated by other institutions to conserve water.

The University also undertakes various activities for preserving and sensitising the public about the water bodies across the city. The CSA as well as various academic departments of the University have adopted various water bodies like Arekere lake, Agara Lake and Hulimavu lake to name a few and launched programmes to rejuvenate them and fulfil an ecological responsibility. This adoption includes - lake clean up drives, door to door awareness programmes, street plays, and surveys, production of documentaries and also hosting of competitions to generate awareness towards the cause. The University also joins in with residents to create pressure groups to make sure the government will fulfil its promises of taking care of the lakes.

The University also, works in partnership with various NGOs, volunteer groups and other forums to generate community participation towards water conservation and rain water harvesting. Partnerships with national level movements like #RallyForRivers also gives the University, and thereby general public good visibility towards preserving environmental resources. These partnerships also help in hosting competitions like Painting, Stall making, Meme making, Street plays, Photogrpahy and social media campaigns within and outside the University which helps to promote and sensitise youngsters towards the cause.

The University also helps the Public Works, Ports and Inland Water Transport Department (PWD-the water regulating authority in Bengaluru) sensitizing the citizens about the need to conserve water though advertising and promotion especially through digital and social media campaigns. This is creatively done with the help of students through various competitions and classroom assignments. This can help create huge awareness among citizens in this digital age.

Street Plays and Flash mobs by students in Malls and public spots help grab eyeballs towards the water crisis facing the city. The University also regularly conducts seminars, discussion forums and talks by various water conservation activists which helps keep the discussion moving forward.

Rallys and Awareness campaigns by the National Cadet Corps, like the one held in 2017 in the University for “Virtual Water” helps to enlighten people about the magnitude of water being utilized to manufacture consumer products and to minimise wastage.

For these reasons, I hereby nominate CHRIST (Deemed to be University) to be considered for this award.



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